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Brand: COWAY Model: AP-1005AH
Hepa (High-Efficiency Particulate Air ) Pre-Filter, Medium FilterActive Carbon Deodorization FilterFeatureRemote control function embeddedPollution sensor,power shuts down when the cover is opened..
S.R 975
Ex Tax:S.R 975
Brand: COWAY Model: CHP-08AR
Korean Sweetening Unit 50 Gallon / Day(Hot-Cold-Normal)..
S.R 2,703
Ex Tax:S.R 2,703
Brand: COWAY Model: CHP-671R
Korean Desalination Unit 75 Gallon/Day (Hot-Cold-Normal)..
S.R 4,025
Ex Tax:S.R 4,025
Brand: COWAY Model: CP-08DR
Korean Desalination Unit 75 Gallons/Day  (Cold / Normal)..
S.R 4,600
Ex Tax:S.R 4,600
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