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Samnan Water Solutions


In the year 2016, the sales department of Samnan Trading and Maintenance Company has become a separate company under the name of Samnan Water Solutions Company which offers: Home Water Desalination Systems - Desalination Plants - Domestic Water Pumps - Agricultural Pumps – Domestic Submersibles pumps - Electric Motors and Water Boosters. Our customers can reach us through 60 branches and maintenance centers all over the Kingdom, Samnan Water Solutions is attracts an experienced sales engineer to work within and outside its branches to serve and guide customers to the best products that meet their needs.

«Pumps and water treatment expert»

Our Services:

Samnan Water Solutions specializes in many products such as:

  • Household Water Desalination Devices
  • Large desalination plants
  • Domestic water pumps
  • Agricultural pumps
  • Domestic submersibles pumps
  • Electric motors