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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Sign-in

    • Any users can visit the Samnan’s ecommerce portal and browse the products.
    • Customers must sign-in to buy the products.
    • Please see ‘Registration’ section to know about registration process.
    • Registered Customers should be able to Sign-in using their Email ID & Password.
    • If customer forgot Password, please go to Forgot Password section.
    • The Sign-in link is available under the Account on Home page.
  2. Registration

    • To register as a new customer, Click on ‘Sign-in’ under the Accounts then click on ‘Create an Account’ button on Customer Login Page.
    • Customers should be able to register with their Email ID & Phone Number.
    • To complete the registration process, Customer needs to be confirmed the verification sent to Mobile and Email.
    • Customer should be able to Login with the Email ID & Password, once the verification is completed.
  3. Forgot Password

    • Is the Customer forgot his Password, please click on the Forgot Password link provided on the Customer Login Page.
    • Customer must enter the Email ID that was used during the Registration process.
  4. Managing Your Account

    • Customer must sign-in to manage their accounts.
    • Customers can click on My Account link under the Accounts then sign-in with the Email ID & Password.
    • My Account Page is provided with the following links & Customer can edit their details:
      1. Contact Information
      2. Change Password
      3. News Letter subscription
      4. Manage Shipping & Billing Addresses
      5. Able to view the Orders and its status
      6. Reviews submitted by him/her
      7. Products added to the wish list.
  5. Compare Products

    • Customer can compare the products by adding them to the Compare Product list while browsing the products.
    • Customer must click on the ‘Add to compare’ icon provided against each product.
    • Once Customer select the ‘Add to compare’ button, left pane is refreshed and displayed with the Product added to the compare list.
    • Add only 3 products to best view of the comparison the click on ‘Compare’ button on the left pane under the Compare Products category.
    • Click on ‘Clear All’, to get clear the products from the Comparison list.
  6. My Wishlist

    • Customer must sign-in to add the products to the wish list.
    • Customer must click on the ‘Add to Wish list’ button to add.
    • Customer should be able to share the Wish list.
    • Customer should be able to add the Wish list items by clicking on the ‘Add to Cart’.
  7. Check out Process

    • Customer should be able to check out the products in easy steps.
    • Customer must Registered with the site to buy a product.
    • Customer can opt Cash on Delivery or Online Payment while checkout a product.
    • Customer can choose the delivery address while checkout.
    • The Checkout process includes Sign-in, Select a Product, Select the Delivery Address, Select the mode of Payment, then confirm the Order.
  8. Order Status

    • Customer can view their Order status in My Account Page.
  9. Returns, Refunds

  10. Customer Service

    • Customer can reach customer service for all their questions and help required from Samnan.
    • Customer Service contact information is available under Contact Us.
    • Customer also contact the Online Support (Chat) by clicking on the Live Support link at the bottom of the page.
    • Customer can leave their Email ID, Phone number and brief message and Samnan support will respond within 24hrs for customer queries.