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Samnan For Submersible


In the year 2016, the Submersible department of Samnan Trading and Maintenance Company has become a separate company specialized in the field of Submersibles wells, serving large farms and industrial projects and providing its customers with a wide range of high efficiency european products, to meet all our customers needs.

Our Services:

1- Supplying different sizes of submersible pumps from 1/4 inch to 8 inch.
2- Installation teamworks to install submersibles in locations with the latest methods and equipment.
3- Largest service center in the Kingdom for submersibles maintenance.
4- Our test room for submersibles after maintenance with technical reporting supported by the performance curve and compared to the original performance curve of submersibles.
5- Provide Geniune spare parts for submersibles.
6- Training technicians on all maintenance and proper operation for submersibles with experience certificates.
7- Possibility to repair and maintenance all type of submersible in the Saudi market.