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Samnan For Operation and Maintenance


Samnan Operation and Maintenance was established as an essential part and partner in providing distinguished service to customers and gaining their satisfaction in all maintenance centers and workshops.

* SAMNAN Company products are distinguished by the actual certificate of guarantee for its products against workmanship defects as well as providing lifelong free maintenance within its branches, excluding spare parts.
* It provides more than 50 maintenance centers within branches and 3 main maintenance centers distributed among the middle region, eastern and western regions of the Kingdom.
* The existence of more than 200 technicians specialized in maintenance covering all parts of the Kingdom to serve its clients.

Our Services:

Installation of:
1- All types of posters, Transfer or Pressurized.
2- All sizes of fire units UL-FM / NON UL - FM
3- Fire fighting systems.
4- Alert types titled and untitled.
5- All types of Control panels D.O.L, YA.VFD, softstarter.
6- All types of swimming pools.
7- Petroleum stations.
8- Large and small desalination plants.
9- Installation of sewage stations.