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Sanum AlJazeera Company for Projects Ltd.

The first step for SANUM ALJAZEERA was in 1997G when management of SAMNAN Company decided to establish a section specialized in qualitative projects. After successes achieved by it, SANUM ALJAZEERA was transferred, in 2008G, into a pioneer and specialized company in pumping solutions, supplies and contracts of water pumping devices and equipment and related handling, which are specialized in electromechanical and supportive projects of water and waste water plants, underground water sources, deep wells pumps, fire-fighting systems and municipality, agricultural and industrial purposes. The secret of superiority achieved by the company can be found in keeping pace with development and long experience in the world of projects and its ability to serve its clients all over the Kingdom by its headquarters in the city of Riyadh and its reginal office in eastern, western region and Al Qaseem.

Our Clients:

Our Services:

The company undertakes all services in the field of residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and municipality projects. The company constantly seeks to find integrated solutions for main and supportive pumping systems in the field of:

  1. Water, waste water and industrial pumps.
  2. Assembly tubs and surface dewatering.
  3. Flood and rain water.
  4. Sludge, mud and sand.
  5. Deep and agricultural wells.
  6. Fire-fighting and air-conditioning systems.